Venum Absolute Karate Gi

The Venum Absolute Karate gi was designed in order to fully satisfy the Karate Grand Masters, as a perfect Karate masterpiece.

With its velvet finishing, the Venum Absolute Karate gi provides a dynamic feeling and brings perfection to details. A real first class and traditional heavy weight Karate gi.

Its premium cotton fabric absorbs sweat easily and releases humidity quickly.

The pants of this Premium Karate gi come with a traditional draw dring system for a perfect and customized fit.

Ideal for all kinds of Karate trainings, especially for Kata and Karate teaching.


  • 13.5oz gi with velvet finishing for a perfect and long-lasting results
  • 100% quick dry cotton
  • Made of durable and highly absorbent fabric
  • Traditional waist band with draw string
  • Inner Golden decorated liner
  • Venum logos on back and chest
  • Venum Absolutes patches sewn with silver thread
  • Comes with its personal lightweight backpack

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